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Accept the Job Offer or Walk Away? – Amy Gallo – Best Practices – Harvard Business Review

Many times the first question is: Should I waste my time on even talking to this company? It is amazing that a company who searches you out acts like you should drop everything to work for them!! If you have gathered experience which adds value to the position why settle for less and why waste your time with mediocre?

This happened recently with a large architectural firm in Missouri who was looking to replace their CFO. You hear all the usual – this company is on the cutting edge, they want to step up a notch, etc., etc. Just so happens I knew this firm from previous experience and was not “sold” on how cutting edge they were. Similar thing with a firm located in San Francisco looking for a Chief Accounting Officer. Many firms know how to “talk the talk” when it comes to embracing change but there are few who “walk the walk”.

It is always interesting to go on an interview and find that a company does not really want to go to the next level. They are perfectly content in believing their version of reality is the best. Having seen enough of what is out there it is clear that the bar has been drastically lowered. It is not hard to be better when the next rung down is rock bottom.

Following is good article if you get past the histrionics, get an offer, and then have to decide whether to accept:

Accept the Job Offer or Walk Away? – Amy Gallo – Best Practices – Harvard Business Review.

Sometimes it is better to not even engage in the dialogue.

Lesson Learned: If you have been down so long, it looks like up to you.

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