5150 Business Strategy

Life in the Corporate Fast Lane and Still Remaining Intelligent

Welcome to 5150 Business Strategy

This is where right is wrong, wrong is right, stupid is smart, smart is stupid……  you get the idea. There will be critical observations and questioning of traditional business thought via random musing on current, and past, experiences in the world of business in America.

Traditional theorists might call it contrarian thinking but regular people would most likely call it common sense. It is something sorely lacking in businesses today and it starts at the top. Now that is contrary to what those in management positions would have you believe!!

Ever wonder how the so called experts became experts? Simple, they declared themselves the keepers of the flame independently and convinced the unknowing masses that their daft observations and actions were worthy of adoption. The next time you are sitting in a meeting where some high minded executive is pontificating on a subject as if they had a corner on the intelligence market dare to think outside the box and question their credentials to be such an authority. From long experience in several companies I can attest to the fact that stupidity knows no bounds and that those in what we call upper management are many times more clueless than you would believe. Partially from the business environment that companies operate in but, many times, due to the corporate culture fostered by upper management.

This blog will feature ruminations on what is good, but many times bad, about the state of businesses today.

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